Beautyrest Pillow Review – Latex Foam Pillow Reviewed

By Lara Tusk •  Updated: 06/05/22

Having a good night’s sleep became my priority when I burnt out from the stress of a hectic schedule. I became more aware of what sleep positions I preferred and what kind of pillow best supported them. Out of curiosity, I wanted to try latex pillows, which I read offered excellent support without flattening. Beautyrest makes simple and breathable latex foam, which piqued my interest. In this Beautyrest Pillow review, we’ll find out if this latex pillow is worth considering.

Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Latex Pillow

Latex foam is typically made from the sap of the rubber tree but synthetic latex does exist. Latex feels soft and bouncy. It’s more breathable than synthetic foam and lasts longer as well. If you’re interested going all-natural with latex pillows, you may want to think of these considerations before buying one.

Quality of Latex

You have to check that the latex you’re getting is the best. Review if the product is made of pure, unadulterated latex, that is, one that’s organic and made without additives. It matters very little if it’s labeled as Dunlop or Talalay latex as these terms refer to the processing of the rubber.


Loft is the thickness or height of the pillow when it lies on its side. Please choose a loft that best suits your sleeping position and physical dimensions. You should also have some allowance as pillows will compress a little when bearing weight. Side sleepers need a thick lofted pillow, back sleepers need just enough loft to lift their head and neck, and stomach sleepers need the least loft.


Firmness refers to how soft the pillow feels and this is usually measured in a scale of 1 to 10. Firmer pillows hold their shape better.

Support and Pressure Relief

The pillow should keep your spine aligned, especially your neck which tends to be lifted off of the mattress. In terms of pressure relief, softer pillows excel at this because of their close contouring quality which eases pressure points.


Latex pillows will generally cost you more than other pillow materials. The prices goes higher if you buy organic or natural latex.

Presenting the Product

The Beautyrest Latex Pillow is made from natural latex whose sap is derived from rubber trees. It has a removable and washable 100 percent cotton cover with a thread count of 300. It’s available in a pure white color.

You can choose from standard, King or Queen sizes.

The latex pillow feels soft with enough sinkage while maintaining support. It has a simple ventilated construction, making it very breathable and cooling.

The pillow is pressure-relieving because of it closely contours the body. The Talalay latex is very responsive with lots of bounce.

The brand promises that the pillow won’t flatten or go out of shape.The latex pillow is naturally antimicrobial and odor-resistant which helps keep it looking and smelling clean. This United States-made pillow is durable and easy to clean.

This pillow can address the problems of those who feel unable to sleep because of heat and those who want a long-lasting pillow. This is also for eco-conscious shoppers because it’s environmentally-friendly and sustainably produced.

The latex pillow is also good for people who want above average support and pressure relief in a pillow. If you’re looking for a moldable pillow, this latex pillow is for you. You should also be sure that you don’t have allergies to latex before using this pillow.

Here’s a brief summary before we go into the full review.



Features & Benefits

The Brand

The Beautyrest Latex Pillow is made by Hollander Sleep Products, a well-regarded bedding manufacturer who supply pillows, mattresses and beddings to hotels and retailers in North America. They’ve been in the industry for 100 years but recently expanded to retail.

I liked that this United States brand is taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. They have a Sustainable Supplier Certification Program where they prioritize suppliers with environmentally-friendly practices. They are curbing their waste through a Zero Waste program and they’re cutting down on excessive packaging as well.

I think if you buy from this brand, you’re supporting their ethos, as well.

Design and Materials

The Core

The latex pillow has a very simple design. Without a close look, it’s just a regular pillow but the quality of the material makes this product stand out in a crowded market.

The latex foam is processed using the Talalay method. Talalay latex foam is less dense and bouncier than Dunlop latex foam. Talalay is for those who want marshmallow feel to their pillow.

The latex found in the pillow is naturally antimicrobial. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and pathogens in the pillow ensuring you sleep on a clean and dry surface. It also has an “odor shield” that protects it from trapping smells.

The foam has a ventilated design featuring a grid of small holes on its surface. This makes the pillow more breathable, which will please hot sleepers.

The Cover

This pillow has a 100 percent cotton cover. It has a 300-thread count so it won’t feel rough on your skin. Cotton is a breathable fabric that is gently moisture-wicking which might be an advantage in sweltering summers and humid climates.

The pillow is easy to care for because its zippered cover is removable and machine washable. However, the foam should not be washed. In case of stains and spills, you can spot clean the latex foam.


The pillow measures 33″ x 26″ x 5.5″ for the King size, 29″ x 18″ x 6.1″ for the Queen pillow and 25″ x 18″ x 7″. The sizes may run a little small in terms of width so size down a little and make sure you’re getting one that fits your pillowcases.

The pillow is available in 2-piece packs for all sizes. This weighs between 2 to 4 pounds, depending on which size you get, so it’s quite portable and less heavy compared to other latex pillows.

Comfort and Feel

Firmness and Responsiveness

The latex foam pillow is described as “plush” and this is an accurate description. It feels soft and somewhat crushable but it won’t be moldable the way memory foam is.

Despite its plushness, it holds its shape very well. It feels quite springy. When you lift your hand off of it, it bounces back quickly into its usual shape. That quick response is the complete opposite of a memory foam pillow, which takes its sweet time when regaining shape.

Support and Pressure Relief

The latex pillow supports the sleeper very well. It cushions the head, neck and shoulders and keeps them in neutral alignment with the spine. Though not as close contouring as memory foam pillows, it’s still moderately conforming so it gives generous pressure relief to an achy neck and sore shoulders.

Sleeping Positions

Because of it’s responsiveness, this is particularly good for combination sleepers because you won’t feel like you’re stuck in the pillow if you want to change your sleeping position. It allows dynamic movement because of its springiness.

Due to the loft and firmness of the pillow, I’d say that this is the best fit for side and back sleepers. It will give side sleepers the support they need in the gap between the head and shoulders because of its relatively high loft.

Back sleepers will be sleeping soundly with this pillow as well because it’s pliable enough to sink under their head and neck and cushion those pressure points.

Though this can be a good pillow for stomach sleepers as well, I would err on the side of caution because it has a thick profile. It’s soft but you won’t experience maximum sinkage from the latex foam, which means it will keep your head and neck at an incline. That’s bad news for your lower back, stomach sleepers.

Temperature Neutrality

Talalay latex is more breathable than other types of latex so, coupled with the cotton cover, you’ll be sleeping cool with the pillow. The aerated surface also helps with encouraging more airflow into the pillow.


I have not found any details on a sleep trial, return policy, or warranty for this pillow. Please keep this in mind before buying as you might have buyer’s remorse if you discover that this isn’t the perfect match for your sleep needs.

There are also some complaints from users who found the pillow heavenly to sleep on and bought another one only to find that they received a different pillow from their original purchase. According to these reports, there are incosistencies in the loft of the pillow so please tread carefully if you want to try them out. They are quite affordable for a latex pillow so I find the risk isn’t too great.

Social Proof

So, there you have it: the Beautyrest Latex Pillow. If all these features sound great to you but you’re still unsure at this point if you should buy it, I did a bit of internet sleuthing and found these customer reviews that piled heaps of praises on the product. Check them out below.


JUVEA Pillow Talalay Latex Pillow

JUVEA Pillow Talalay Latex Pillow
Buy Now
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02/18/2024 02:00 am GMT

Like the Beautyrest pillow, this is a Talalay latex pillow geared towards side and back sleepers. It has a gently domed shape and is 6.5 inches at its highest. The core has an aerated design for better air circulation. The latex is natural and is OEKO-TEX Class 1 Baby Safe certified. It’s also odor-resistant, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. The pillow has a machine washable cover as well but this one is made from a polyester-cotton blend. This has a soft to medium density and gives lots of pressure relief and support.

Talalay Latex Pillow

Talalay Latex Pillow
Buy Now
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09/21/2023 06:30 pm GMT

This looks very similar to the Beautyrest Pillow from the ventilated core to the white cover. This pillow from Organic Textiles is also made from Talalay latex but with this offering, you have lots of firmness options. You can get soft, medium-firm, and firm in King, Queen, and standard sizes, plus a travel pillow option. This is made of all-natural latex without additives and feels soft yet bouncy. The cover is a bit more high quality than the Beautyrest as it’s made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. The high loft pillow encourages a natural spinal alignment and is highly responsive. However, it will cost nearly double the amount of the Beautyrest Latex Pillow.

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow - Set of 2x Queen
$60.99 ($30.50 / Count)
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
09/21/2023 09:30 pm GMT

This is a plush pillow that retains its shape well, like the Beautyrest Latex Pillow. It has a cooling gel fiber fill and a fade and stain-resistant pure cotton cover. For the price of one pillow, you’ll get two pieces of lofty goodness. The King size has a loft of 8.5 inches, which will please side and back sleepers. The pillow is certified safe by OEKO-Tex and regulates temperature well. It’s well-constructed and hypoallergenic, the perfect latex alternative if you want a very plush, cool pillow.


Sleepers looking for a soft pillow with excellent support that won’t flatten would be happy with the Beautyrest Latex Pillow.

It’s made of high-quality natural latex that’s known for its durability. The fill alleviates any tension in the neck and head through a moderately conforming yet soft feel.

The support is the same night after night so you won’t have to fold the pillow or fluff it up to get that fresh pillow experience.

Best of all, its ventilated construction and pure cotton cover ensure you’ll be sleeping cool.

Those are the ingredients you need for a good night’s slumber.

If this sounds like your dream pillow, be sure to check out the Beautyrest Latex Pillow.

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