How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Cave

By Lara Tusk •  Updated: 06/05/22

Do you find yourself lying in bed, staring into the ceiling while waiting for sleep to come? Do you feel envious of people who doze right after they hit the hay? I’ve been there and it’s one of the most frustrating things to stress oversleep, which is supposed to be a relaxing activity. I improved my sleep immensely once I used some bedroom into sleep cave hacks. It’s simpler than you think.

Reasons You Are Finding it Hard to Fall Asleep

  1. You’re overstimulated
    When you are overstimulated before bedtime, the body finds it hard to wind down. The culprit could be exercising too late in the evening to playing video games. Even conflict and verbal spats can trigger overstimulation that makes the body produce adrenaline.
  2. Your room doesn’t feel relaxing
    Your bedroom should feel inviting and cozy. If your bedside lamp gives off harsh light or the temperature is too warm, that can affect the onset of sleep.
  3. There’s too much clutter
    A cluttered room leads to a cluttered mind. An unmade bed with objects in disarray feels chaotic, making it hard to relax.
  4. You work in the bedroom
    Especially in a global pandemic, people find it difficult to draw the line between work and home. If you use your laptop in bed, it signals to the brain that the bedroom is a workspace, making it harder for the body to shut down at night.
  5. You have an inconsistent routine
    Getting under the covers at wildly different times, as well as not having a set period to get up in the morning, is disorienting to the brain. Your body has an internal clock that helps you feel sleepy at a certain time, that is if you have a consistent sleep schedule.
  6. You let your dogs go on the bed
    Cuddling your pet may relieve anxiety and stress but letting them sleep on the bed can disrupt your sleep. Studies show people who sleep with a dog in bed wake up more frequently throughout the night.
  7. Your room is too hot and humid
    Sweating makes it hard to fall asleep but freezing conditions will keep you up as well. Your bedroom needs to have the right temperature so you can settle into a good slumber.
  8. You are looking at a screen before bedtime
    Using electronics during bedtime is detrimental to falling asleep quickly. Watching television or fiddling with a smartphone when lying down exposes you to blue light that disrupts the sleep cycle.

Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Sleep Cave

Set-Up Proper Lighting

Remove the Clock from the Room

Watching minutes and hours slip by as you lie wide awake can stress you out and delay sleep even further. Nothing induces as much panic as realizing you’ve spent more than an hour alert in the early hours of morning. Turn your alarm clock so it faces away from you or better yet, keep it out of reach.

If you want an alternative to analog and digital alarm clocks that rudely interrupt your sleep, check out natural sunrise alarm clocks like this one. It radiates light, simulating the rays of the morning sun, to wake you up gradually. It even has five nature sounds that gently increases after your alarm goes off. The light therapy clock also dims once you’ve switched off the lights.

Add a Sleep Scent

Get the Right Bedding

Tune Into the Right Temperature

Your body temperature rises and falls throughout the day. When it’s closer to bedtime, your temperature decreases. That’s why it’s important to make sure the room temperature is conducive to relaxation. If there’s too much heat, it disrupts your body temperature. Experts recommend 65 degrees.

Consider a Sleep Mask

Sleep masks aren’t just for long haul flights. They’re underrated tools for a good snooze. This eye mask is comfortable because it doesn’t press on the eyes too much. It’s made of breathable silk and the mask covers almost half of your face, so the light won’t get in. The strap is adjustable so you can get the right fit for your head.


These are some changes I made that turned my bedroom into a sanctuary. All the little details do make a difference. Once I realized what I was doing wrong, I slowly turned things around, making tweaks here and there. I’m definitely closer to sleep nirvana and feel more rested every day.

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