5 Best Hotel Pillows – For the Vacation Feeling at Home

By Michael Barnes •  Updated: 06/05/22

Picture this: crisp, smooth sheets next to soft, luxurious pillows and a view of the sunrise. Mood lighting and plush carpets. Breakfast in bed and twenty-four-hour room service. Recreate that refreshing sleep you get in five-star hotels even after the holiday is over with the best hotel pillows.

Choosing the Best Hotel Pillows for Your Home

What kind of pillows do they use in 5-star hotels?

When I check in to an upscale hotel, I always look forward to lying down on the bed and resting my head on the pillows. The plushness of hotel pillows is unlike anything I’ve found and I’ve always wanted to know where hotels source them from, or at least, what kind of pillows they are.

Well, it’s not exactly a well-kept secret that hotels prioritize pillow quality to give their guests the best experience possible, which keeps us coming back. Places like the Hilton, Marriott, and the Ritz Carlton have pillows with the same materials: feathers. Feathers are undisputedly the most popular fill for these comfortable pillows.

The pillows often contain a combination of down feathers and longer feathers found on the wing of the bird, usually duck or goose. Hotel pillows made of these feathers are utterly magnificent to sleep on while offering support for the head, neck, and shoulders.

Hotels also consider the needs of sensitive guests who may be allergic to natural materials. They have down alternative pillows that feel like the real thing. Some hotels also use eco-alternative down which are made from recycled materials but are so soft, you won’t even notice it’s sourced from plastic.

Hotels also use memory foam for their pillows which is a viscoelastic polyfoam known for adapting to the body and softening when exposed to heat. It regains its shape when it cools down, which means it’s resilient and supportive. It can also come in a shredded foam variety.

Memory foam is less likely to trigger allergies than down and feathers but a common complaint with this type of pillow is that it sleeps hot. That’s why you often see cooling gels and bamboo rayon covers with memory foam pillows to mitigate their warmness.

Why are luxury hotel pillows so comfortable?

A luxury hotel will spend huge sums of money on linens, beddings, beds, and pillows because the quality of sleep a customer gets is often what they most remember about their stay. The atmosphere, amenities, and customer service all play a part of course but will you even remember these if you slept on a rock hard bed with lumpy pillows? I don’t think so.

So how does a luxury hotel achieve this exceptionally first-class sleep experience for their guests?

We’ve discussed pillow composition and how these premium materials make for the softest, most supportive pillows. However, that’s only part of the reason. Even the pillowcase, the colors, and the arrangement of the pillows are executed to give an air of finesse and sophistication. Hotel beds sport an above-average number of pillows from king, queen, and standard sizes, plus decorative throw pillows for good measure.

The pillows and bed in any given hotel are usually replaced when they show the first signs of wear. You’ll always get pillows that look and feel new, or like new, when you stay at the poshest places. They’re maintained well but are removed when they lose firmness, unlike us regular consumers who hold on to pillows long after their best days have passed by.

How to choose the best hotel-quality pillow

To get that five-star hotel experience at home, choosing the best hotel pillow is key. These factors are the ones a hotel would look for in a potential hotel pillows.

Agreeable for Various Sleepers/ Sleeping Position

Consider what your ideal pillow loft and firmness are and what position you sleep in through the night. A back sleeper will need a different kind of pillow from a stomach sleeper.


Goose down and feather pillows aren’t the most hypoallergenic pillows but some are treated and rinsed during manufacturing. If you have allergies, a down alternative fill is an option.


Indicators of longevity in hotel pillows are reinforced seams, a fabric with a high thread count, and stain resistance.

Easy to Clean

Because you’ll be using your pillow in a home, you don’t have the luxury of replacing it every time it gets too soiled. A pillow that’s machine washable makes life easier.


This is the primary factor to look for in the best hotel pillow. It will determine how soft and comfortable the hotel pillow is. The pillow materials that conform best to the sleeper include down, feather, down alternative, and memory foam.


Standard sizes fit most people but if you have a bigger bed or a heavier person, go for the queen or king size.

Personal Preference

There are many quirks that an individual has when sleeping that’s not covered in the above criteria, things like sleeping hot or cool or health issues such as chronic pain. Consider your sleeping habits and whether you’re sensitive to certain smells or textures.

The 5 Best Hotel Pillows That Will Make You Feel like You’re On Holiday

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow

First on our list of best hotel pillows is the gel pillow by Beckham Hotel Collection. This is a down alternative pillow with a 100% cotton cover and you get two pillows with one purchase. It’s an excellent value because it’s better than your standard pillow fill. It contains plush down-like gel fibers that are treated with cooling technology. I recommend this for people sensitive to down but who want the same comfort. This would also be amazing for hot sleepers. This pillow is constructed in such a way that it doesn’t bunch up or shift as you sleep on it. You’ll get the same loft all throughout the night.

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow - Set of 2x Queen
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The pillowcase is hotel-quality as well with its silky sateen cotton fabric. This pillow is safe for those with asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems because it’s OKEO-Tex certified. It resists dust mites, mold, and mildew.

If you have problems with drooling during the night, you’ll like that this pillow is fade-resistant and stain-resistant. Perfect for pets and kids, as well.

The pillow can be machine washed and it comes with a 30-day guarantee, in case you are not satisfied. It’s available in queen and king sizes.

A disadvantage with this hotel pillow is that it’s not for stomach sleepers because of its fluffiness. Some users say that this does flatten somewhat with time.



Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow

This is another allergy-friendly hotel pillow that’s cushy and soft, perfect for side sleepers. It’s made of gel-filled polyester fibers that feel plush and will certainly give you a good night sleep. If you dislike pillows moving or bunching up, this has a no shift construction so you don’t have to constantly adjust the loft to get the right support.

This has a 100% cotton cover with a 240 thread count. While this isn’t the highest thread count, cotton is a breathable fabric with natural ventilation.

Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow - (2 Pack King) Best Hotel Quality Comfortable
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The Sleep Restoration hotel pillow is cooling and temperature-regulating so it won’t warm up on you or leave you waking up with sweat beads. This is good for sensitive sleepers and allergy sufferers because it’s hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. The hotel pillow even carries an OEKO-Tex certification so you can be sure this was made with health and safety in mind. You can machine wash this pillow so it always looks fresh and clean. It’s also dryer safe for quick maintenance. You get two pieces of hotel pillows in this set. It’s available in king or queen size. While this hotel pillow is fluffy, I won’t recommend this if you’re on the heavy side because it compresses quite easily. It’s great for average-sized back and side sleepers, in my opinion.



Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow

The third pillow in the list is the down pillow from Royal Hotel, a lavish option with a 500-thread count cover. This means the weave is dense and fine, definitely increasing the luxe experience. The hotel pillow is filled with 75% hand-plucked white down. The rest is small feathers for support. These are purified and treated so even sensitive sleepers won’t have their allergies triggered. This also ensures the hotel pillow is clean inside and out.

The standard/queen size has 42 oz of fill while the king size has 56 oz. It has 750 fill power. This makes for a cushy hotel pillow that will send you off to pleasant night sleep.

Royal Hotel Soft Down Pillow, 500 Thread Count 100% Cotton, Standard Down Pillows, Standard/Queen Size, Soft Pillows, Set of 2
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The fill is encased in a cover made from 100% cotton with a topnotch thread count. It’s breathable and high quality. It looks elegant with its double silky piping. To cater to your preferences, the Royal Hotel Pillow comes in various firmness levels, namely soft, medium firm, firm, extra firm, and adjustable. It has two sizes: king and queen.

The pillows are reasonably priced but it is dry clean only, as per the brand’s instructions. This hotel pillow will suit all types of sleepers but they are on the firmer side compared to other hotel pillows.



Pacific Coast Double Down

If you want the genuine hotel pillow feel, down pillows are the best options. They will give you a luxuriously comfortable sleep and with the Pacific Coast two-piece set, you’ll get incredible value.

This is one of Pacific Coast’s bestselling pillows with medium support that caters to most sleepers. Pacific Coast chooses the finest down clusters for their pillows and this hotel pillow has 95% Hyperclean Resilia duck feathers. The fill also includes 5% Hyperclean duck down. These materials make for a plump yet supportive hotel pillow that molds to the sleeper’s body. The feathers will retain their fluffiness night after night.

Pacific Coast Touch of Down Standard Pillow Set
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The pillowcase is made from AllerRest fabric that’s made of 100% cotton with a 300 thread count. This is a special tightly woven cloth that acts as a barrier against allergy triggers. It offers protection against dust mites and other allergens, which makes this a good hotel pillow for sensitive sleepers. The leak-proof fabric prevents the feathers from poking through.

The Pacific Coast Double Down hotel pillow is possibly named after its pillow-within-a-pillow design. It’s bordered with navy blue cording and is tapered around the edges. This hotel pillow is the queen size variety but it’s also available in standard and king.

I think this down pillow isn’t the best hotel pillow for side sleepers because they will compress under your head and not give enough support for the neck. You’ll need to fluff it up constantly to maintain good support.



Queen Anne The Original Pillow

If you’re craving a royal treatment for your slumber, try the Queen Anne Original Pillow. It’s the best hotel pillow if you want to make the splurge and treat yourself to a pillow favored by the hospitality industry. Their pillows are the same ones you can find in any hotel room at the New York Palace, Marriott, Hilton, and Prince Resorts Hawaii.

This hotel pillow is made of pure down, sourced from the feathers of ducks and geese. What this means is you get a blend of softness and resilience. It’s less likely to flatten as you sleep. The ethically-sourced French goose down fill is triple washed so you can be assured that it’s hypoallergenic.

The Original Queen Anne Pillow - Famous 100% European White Goose and Duck Down Blend - Cruelty Free Luxury Hotel Pillows - Made in USA (Standard Soft)
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The fill power is 650 which means the pillow is cozy and insulating. You can choose a soft, medium, or firm pillow. They recommend their soft and medium pillow for stomach and back sleepers. Side sleepers will want a medium or firm pillow.

The high-quality fill is enveloped by a velvety 100% cotton cover with a 330 thread count. It has double stitching and purple piping on the edges to ensure durability and prevent feathers from sticking out.

The Queen Anne hotel pillow comes in standard and queen sizes. The company also gives a 30-day return policy if you have any complaints.

The downside with such a luxurious hotel pillow like this is the price. It’s definitely a splurge for true sleep aficionados but I don’t think you’ll regret getting one if it’s in your budget. This is also not machine washable but it is dryer safe. You can dry clean it to preserve its quality and support.




The best hotel pillow will make you feel like you just had a night at the Ritz Carlton. They’re unparalleled in terms of how soft they are and how much support they give. Pillows used in luxury hotels are often made of down and feather with high thread count covers.

If you ask me which pillow is the best of these top five picks, I think you won’t go wrong with the Queen Anne Original Pillow, if you have the time for spot cleaning and a trip to the dry cleaner’s every now and then. This investment will surely pay dividends in sleep quality.

The 100% down fill makes for the best pillow that will have you looking forward to sleeping every night. It’s hypoallergenic and clean so even those with respiratory issues and allergies can safely sleep on it. The pillow is constructed with double stitches and secure piping so it’s bound to be a long-lasting pillow. It has two size variations and a good return policy. Best of all, this soft pillow is a certified staple at luxury hotels worldwide.

An alternative pillow for those who want something low-maintenance is the Pacific Coast Double Down pillow set. It’s a two-piece feather pillow bundle that’s affordable. Its pillow-in-pillow design is well-loved and the AllerRest fabric cover shields you from dust mites and allergens. Unlike the Queen Anne pillow, this is machine washable so it’s easier to care for.

For the best night’s sleep, check out any of these pillows that are befitting a lavish hotel room and will serve as the perfect addition to your bedroom.

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