5 of the Best Matching Onesies – For Holidays & PJ Parties

By Michael Barnes •  Updated: 06/05/22

I used to be a onesie doubter until I tried one on. Now, I’m a convert and a true believer in their cozy powers. For casual events and holiday get-togethers, they’re a fun and easy way to dress up the family. Matching onesies give off a festive vibe without trying too hard.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best matching onesises for your next family movie night.

5 Best Matching Onesies – For Families and Friends

Lazy One Flapjacks

Dress up every member of the fam with these matching long john-style pajamas from Lazy One, even your dog. You can choose from 7 designs with puns emblazoned on the back flap or “trap door”. There’s a light blue and red combo with Bear Cheeks printed on the bottom.

Lazy One Flapjacks, Matching Pajamas for The Dog, Baby & Kids, Teens, and Adults (Plaid Bear Cheeks, 6 MO)
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Another Bear Cheeks back flap version is the red and black plaid which looks Christmas-y yet cozy. There are pink and navy onesie versions that each say Don’t Moose with Me.

For foodie families, there’s a lobster print onesie with a back flap labeled “Trap Door”.

If you’re more equestrian-inclined, there’s a horse-printed onesie called Mane Attraction.

Lastly, to suit the Christmas spirit, there’s a moose-themed onesie in dark gray with red trimmings.

The Lazy One Flapjacks are all footless, hoodless matching onesies with back flaps. Do note that the back flaps only open on the adult versions of the onesie. The ones on the kids and baby sizes are purely decorative.

To open the onesie, you can unbutton it. The Flapjacks are made of 100% premium ribbed cotton so they’re soft and breathable. You don’t have to worry about the onesies shrinking because they’ve been pre-shrunk for convenience when you put them in the wash.

They fit snugly yet have a 4-way stretch so it can hug your body comfortably. The prints are infusion-printed so they don’t fade. The dyes are also free from AZO, which is toxic and harmful to the environment.

The Flapjacks are durable due to the strong flatlock stitching. These onesies come in adult, kids, and infant sizing.

IFFEI Matching Family Footed Pajamas

If you’re looking for footsie jammies with a holiday theme, these onesies by IFFEI will have you covered, literally.

These Christmas family PJs even have hoodies attached to them for when you’re feeling extra chilly. I’d call the print a more mature take on the classic family matching onesies. The grey raglan design keeps it looking chic while the reindeers add a touch of fun.

These onesies would look perfect for Christmas morning, photo ops with Santa, or spending time with the fam. These would make for great outfits when exchanging gifts, too. I also think this would be the perfect everyday pajamas for adults and children alike.

The matching onesies are made of a soft and comfy cotton-spandex blend. Spandex is known for its excellent elasticity so these jammies will surely hold up even in rough activity. They’ll fit like a glove, too, and be gentle on the skin. Because of the cotton, these onesies are sure to be breathable. They also resist stains well and are easy to clean.

The great thing about these family Christmas pajamas is they come in so many sizes from 2 year old kids size to XXL for men. They fit true to size and will make exceptional holiday gifts.

Sadly, there’s no sizing here for dogs. Also, you have to consider your feet size with these as well, especially if you have smaller or bigger than usual foot sizes relative to your clothing size.

Mad Dog Concepts Matching Pajama Set

If you’d like matching Christmas PJs for family but would prefer footless two-piece sets, you’d love these family matching PJs by Mad Dog Concepts.

They’re made of a soft jersey top, microfleece pants, and non-skid ankle socks so your feet are kept warm when it comes in contact with the floor.

There are 6 designs to choose from. The Buffalo Bear comes in a red and black design, plus onesie variations for the kids. The Polar Bear matching sets are red and white with plaid pants. If blue is your color, there’s a Happy Holiday-printed jammies set, as well. There are also a Feliz Navidad set in red, a cute penguin set in red and green, and a Moose set in blue and green that’s easy on the eyes.

Toddler 2 PC Fleece Pajam Sleep Set Buffalo Bear Onesie Family PJ with Slipper Socks
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The pajamas come in sizes for ladies, men, boys, girls, and toddlers. They fit true to size and have unisex designs. These are perfect for lounging at home and fam photo ops during the holidays.

Because they come as a set, you won’t have to think of pairing a shirt with pants for the kids in the family. Alternately, you can also mix and match these with other tops and bottoms in your closet.

The pajamas are made from polyester that adheres to government, environment, and safety standards. They’re non-flammable, so you don’t have to worry about these clothes catching fire when near candles and other open flames during the yuletide season.

For comfy sleepwear for both kids and adults, this Mad Dog Concepts set is a good choice.

Sleepyheads Family Matching Fleece Pajamas

These matching pajamas by Sleepyheads are timeless and simple, even an adult will appreciate it.

They come in two styles: solid red and buffalo plaid. They’re made from 100% polyester that doesn’t pill and fleece that’s uber soft.

These matching onesies will dress up your entire fam in holiday cheer. The adult onesies are non-footed, while kids and babies get a full footed onesie. The footed attachments are non-slip and grip the floor well.

Sleepyheads Family Matching Fleece Buffalo Plaid Onesie Pajamas - Toddler & Kid's (SHM-PLA-K-4T)
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What’s even cuter is this comes with a bandana for your pets and a nightgown for the dolls. Your photos will look super coordinated with these sets.

There is a range of sizes to choose from for every family member. If you want something cozy for lounging around the house or exchanging presents, this could be a good pajamas set. But these are too adorable to be kept away from cameras. You could don these for the yearly fam photo or to capture moments on Instagram.

A cool feature in the adult onesies is the 2 front kangaroo pockets for keeping your phone and other essentials inside.

All the pajamas have zipper enclosures. The kids, toddler, and baby pajamas are made of flame-resistant fleece. For the younger ones, the onesies have a snug fit. For adults, the onesies give you freedom of movement. They’re non-restrictive matching pajamas for sleeping and lounging.

PajamaGram Family Pajamas Matching Sets

PajamaGram has years of experience in the sleepwear industry so I trust that they’ll craft a good, comfy matching onesie for the fam.

These Nordic Fleece Christmas pajamas are made of a simple winter pattern featuring reindeer and snowflakes with red detailing to amp up the holiday feel.

PajamaGram Family Pajamas Matching Sets - Christmas Onesie, Gray, Toddler, 5T
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These matching pajamas are roomy and relaxed. It comes in all sizes for all members of the clan even dogs.

The pajamas have a zippered design with a hoodie and removable footies. For babies and toddlers, the hood can also be removed. The onesies are fitted with deep pockets and a thumb hole on the sleeves for added warmth–great for winter.

For pets, there’s a hook and loop placket, otherwise known as a velcro strip. so your furry friend fits snugly inside his pajamas. The pet onesies are cotton-jersey knit for comfort.

The fabric is from midweight polyester fleece. These ensure the pajamas are flame-resistant yet plush and soft.

The PajamaGram matching onesies can be safely machine washed. The fleece is durable and can withstand washings. The girls and boys onesies are for children 6 to 14 years of age. The infant and toddler sets are for those 0 to 3 months old. Pets get a solid red onesie with a size range of XS-XXL. There’s no hoodie or footies for the pet pajamas.

The PajamaGram onesies fit true to size but definitely run large, so order a size down if you’re in between sizes.

The Ultimate Guide to Matching Onesies

Why should I get matching onesies?

People shop for onesies for several reasons. They’re a great alternative to regular pajamas for kids because they’re good for lounging and sleeping. If you like the comfort of nightgowns but get chilly in them, onesies are an alternative. You can wear matching onesies to parties and it instantly ties together your family’s look. They’re silly and radiate holiday cheer. Here are some reasons why I’m on Team Onesies.

How to choose the best family PJs, Christmas version?

Onesies differ in their design, their fabric, and their style. Let’s discuss how these three things determine the look and feel of a onesie and shop for the best one for you.


Onesies can have an attached sock or foot portion, a hoodie, and a back flap. Whether you’ll require one is dependent on what you’ll be using the onesie for and your personal preference.

First, you can choose a onesie with or without a footed attachment. I can attest that the footed onesies are extra cozy if you get cold feet. If your feet are fine or if you live in a warmer climate, you can forego this feature. When wearing flip-flops around the house, the sock portion can get in the way. If you have slides though, you’ll be fine. Remember that if you wear a footed onesie without a slipper, the sole can get wet or collect dirt.

Another feature you can find in a onesie is a hoodie. They’re often found in animal onesies, to prop up dinosaur scales or deer antlers, for example. You’ll like these if you want extra coverage for your neck and ears in order to keep them toasty. Otherwise, the hood serves no practical use because onesies are usually just worn indoors.

Lastly, you’ll have to consider if a back flap is in your list of needs. If you’ve ever worn a jumpsuit and had to heed nature’s call, you’ll understand the inconvenience a onesie can pose. If peeling off a one-piece suit when going to the toilet is not your idea of a good time, you can choose a onesie with a back flap. Do keep in mind though that the back flap design is rare these days and can limit your onesie options.

Other things you need to keep in mind before buying a matching onesie set for the family is whether you’d prefer zippers or snap enclosures. Zippers are very convenient and make it easy to take off a onesie but if the zipper is made of low-quality material, they can break and be difficult to replace. Snaps are sturdier but open more easily than zippers, which is a problem if kids are running amok at a party or if you’re doing something strenuous.


Choosing a good fabric for your matching onesie set depends on the climate you’re living in and when you’ll be using the onesie.

If you’re living in a cold climate or in the dead of winter, you can go for a fleece onesie. They retain heat well and are soft and cozy. Some will think they’re way too warm though because they’re too insulating for less extreme weather.

A cool fabric option for onesies is cotton. It’s breathable so your body doesn’t feel like it’s trapped in a furnace. A cotton onesie can still feel very soft and comfy.

Another breathable and cooling fabric is a polyester blend. Though not as pliant as cotton, polyester is a durable cloth. It doesn’t shrink too much so your onesie fits the same way on you after multiple launderings. It also dries faster than cotton.

The last fabric commonly used in onesies is flannel, which is like a hybrid of cotton and fleece. It provides the warmth of fleece with the breathability of cotton. Flannel is durable, comfortable, and cozy.


Onesie styles range from the everyday pajama designs to elaborate costumes. You can pick a matching onesie set with a print such as plaid, polka dots, and indigenous patterns. They also come in solid colors and holiday-themed sets. The simplematching onesies are geared towards lounging and sleeping.

As you go more elaborate, the designs get more silly and fun, which are great for kids. You can find dinosaur onesies, shark onesies, and all sorts of animal onesies. They can also come in costumes based on characters from popular shows and movies. These kinds of matching onesies are great for kids’ parties, sleepovers, and other events.

Can you get matching pyjamas for pets too?

Yes, pets can get in on the onesie fun, too! When choosing a matching onesie for your furry friend, make sure it’s made of a soft and breathable fabric that the pet can move comfortably in. Onesies are great for pets because not only do they look cute in matching clothes, it keeps them warm and cozy, as well.


If you’re shopping for your first one-piece pajama or you’re buying a new one to add to your collection, any of the above picks would make you a happy customer and pajama enthusiast. As for the best pajamas of the bunch, I’d pick the Lazy One Flapjacks. These pajamas are comfortable and breathable because they’re made of pure cotton. They’re also hoodless and footless, which I’m partial to. I love that there’s a trap door on the back. The designs are all very cheeky and fun. When you want to have fun during the holidays, a onesie with a good pun won’t let you down.