5 of the Best Regular & Electric Cooling Blanket Products

Last Updated:October 25, 2020

If you sweat buckets when you sleep or feel stuffy through the night, a warm and cozy blanket won’t be your cup of tea. Thankfully, the electric cooling blanket was invented to keep you comfortable. And if that seems to techie for you, you can opt for regular cooling blankets. To guide you through the abundance of cooling blankets on the market, I found a few great picks.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Cooling Blanket

Is there an electric cooling blanket?

Leaps in cooling technology have led to the invention of the electric cooling blanket. Unlike a heating blanket, this blanket will promote a cool body temperature, the sweet spot for comfortable sleep.

Electric cooling blankets are placed over or under the bedsheets. It’s sometimes plugged into a power source so it can work through the night.

It absorbs the heat from the body and allows it to dissipate. You can usually adjust the temperature of electric cooling blankets. Some even have technology that changes the heat level on different sides of the bed.

Others argue that electric cooling blankets don’t exist yet because there is no cold equivalent to a heating blanket. Cooling blankets that use power derive thermo-regulating from air or water. But at the basic level, there are cooling blankets that use electricity as a power source or advanced technology to bring down body temperature as you sleep.

Do cooling blankets really work?

Whether electric or natural, cooling blankets use different methods to keep your body temperature down.


The most common ones are special fabrics and technology. Regular cooling blankets use breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin. These thermoregulating textiles don’t get damp or soggy as it absorbs sweat. They’re often incredibly lightweight. Examples include bamboo, cotton, polyester, fleece, and acrylic.

To enhance their cooling properties, these fabrics often have a high thread count, ranging from 300 to 500. If you look at the threads up close, they will have a knitted pattern, instead of a typical weave. This is an elastic pattern that expands to allow more air to circulate. It’s designed to repel heat from getting inside and coming in contact with the skin.

Water and Gel

Cooling blankets may also use water or gel infusions that are used as a fill for the cover. Some gel-based cooling blankets have gel permeating into the fabric.

Weighted Blankets

There are also weighted cooling blankets that use weights such as glass beads and pellets which press down on the body, alleviating anxiety and stress which can cause high body temperature. As a byproduct of these weights, the blanket can conduct coldness better.

Air Cooling

Different types of technology are used in electric cooling blankets. One kind is an air cooling technology that diffuses coldness through air pockets, somewhat like an air conditioning blanket. Instead of wicking away moisture, it pumps cool air around you as you sleep, thereby pushing out the hot air that’s trapped inside.

What are the advantages/benefits of using a cooling blanket?

The health benefits of cooling blankets are worth the extra cost. They promote a cool sleeping environment so you fall asleep faster and deeper. The drop in temperature sends signals to the brain that you’re ready to get some shuteye.

Cooling blankets also prevent sleep disruptions especially if you experience hot flashes or night sweats. A cooling blanket will cover you and keep you in a cozy cocoon without heating you up. This is great if you prefer falling asleep with a blanket but tend to get too hot under a regular blanket.

You can get a cooling blanket for a reasonable price or go all out and splurge on a high end one. They come in many sizes and styles to suit your tastes. If you want invisible cooling, there are blankets that are made to go under your bedsheets, acting as a pad.

Definitely try out a cooling blanket if you live in warm climates with sweltering springs and summers. Hot sleepers will benefit from this blanket the most. It’s also a good option if you’re sweaty or sleep next to someone who perspires a lot which can hamper your sleep quality too.

How to choose the best cooling blanket

I’ve found that these qualities are the essential things to check when buying a cooling blanket. These things make the most difference and should be prioritized.


Go for a lightweight and airy electric blanket that feels good on the skin and expel body heat. Fabrics such as 100% cotton, pure linen, and soft silk come to mind. Moisture-wicking properties are important to dry off hot sleepers.


How the fabric is weaved affects the cool blanket’s breathability and ability to let body heat dissipate. Observe the pattern and tightness of the weave or knit.

Temperature Regulation

Look at the blanket’s technology to control heat and cool down the sleeper. Will it absorb and disperse heat effectively? For electric blankets, you should also look at space requirements and how long the cord is. Make sure it will fit comfortably in your bedroom.


High quality often comes with a high price but cooling electric blankets can be had for a reasonable cost.

Durability and Warranty

Even when an electric blanket looks well-constructed and durable, a warranty will give you peace of mind, especially for more expensive electric cooling blankets.

What’s the best way to use a cooling blanket

Regular cooling blankets work the same way non-cooling blankets do so you can layer them under or over your body when you sleep.

Electric cooling blankets work the same way. These can be used to pad a mattress or to drape over the body. The difference is you need to install their control units and plug them into a power source before you can use them. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

The 2 Best Electric Cooling Blanket

Chili Technology chiliPAD

If the melatonin pills don’t work, why not reach for the Chili electric cooling blanket? It has a cooling technology that ensures you get your recommended 8 hours every night.

Here’s how it works: water circulates through tubes throughout the cooling pad that goes over your mattress. It regulates your temperature as you lie on it so you get comfortable and deep sleep. No more night sweats.

You can choose from a range of temperatures from 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. While it’s not meant to replace an AC, it makes a huge impact on sleep quality by customizing temperature to your own preferred level and trapping heat away from the body.

It uses less power than an air conditioner (80 watts per cube) so it can be an energy-efficient alternative if you can bear to turn the AC off.

This cooling blanket is couple-friendly because you and your partner can set your own temperature. The water-filled pad is secured firmly on top of the mattress by strapping it on. It won’t shift as you move through the night so you sleep like a rock.

Keep the Chili electric cooling blanket clean by machine washing and drying it without heat.

The big con that comes with this blanket is the high price. But for the advanced technology and comfort you get, this will be a worthwhile purchase for people who want to invest in their sleep.



BedJet 3 Climate Control for Beds

Hydropower is not for everyone, especially those who don’t want to sleep on water tubes or next to humming water units. The BedJet electric blanket doesn’t cool you down electronically but it uses cool and hot air to regulate temperature, somewhat like a fan in a blanket.

It provides powerful ventilation to ward off heat, handy for menopausal women, and hot sleepers. If the room is too cold for your taste, you can use the BedJet like a heating blanket.

The BedJet electric blanket lends a luxurious sleeping atmosphere to any room with a quiet digital motor and moisture elimination functions. If you feel stuffy from a memory foam mattress, getting this electric blanket is better than splurging on a new foam.

BedJet 3 Climate Control for Beds, Cooling Fan + Heating Air (Dual Temperature Zone - King Size)
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The BedJet electric cooling blanket presents a compromise for couples who bicker about a room that’s too hot or too cold for the other one. It has a Dual Zone temperature control that lets you set a different thermostat for each side of the bed. This works like a charm to prevent marital dissatisfaction.

Included with the electric blanket are two BedJet units and two wireless remotes. It also comes with comfortable Cloud Sheets and free access to the Bluetooth app so you can use your cellphone or tablet to control the blanket.

The BedJet blanket is ultra-customizable because you can set temperatures for every hour of the night. This electric cooling blanket will fit single, queen and king size mattresses.

A downside is the costly price. Some users have noted that the sheets can be unfastened from the unit when they move too vigorously at night and accidentally kick the blanket.



3 of the Best Regular Cooling Blankets to Try for Good Sleep

YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket

If you love bamboo pillows, this is the best cooling blanket for you.

It’s a cooling weighted blanket made of bamboo viscose threads with seven layers of sleep-inducing compression. Inside the quilt are glass beads that encased in small compartments that distribute the weight evenly on your body. If you’ve experienced weighted blankets that shift too much, the small squares make sure the glass beads don’t move around.

Whether you use the weighted blanket on its own or with its accompanying duvet cover, it will conform to the contours of your body. It gives a cooling, relaxing sensation that lasts through the night.

Despite several layers of fabric, the cooling blanket has a comfortable, breathable feel and will regulate temperature well. Its natural fibers will absorb moisture and release it into the air. This tension-relieving blanket is ideal for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin.

To maintain the cooling blanket’s quality, you can machine wash and dry it.

This bamboo cooling weighted blanket comes in several sizes, weights, and colors so it will fit your body and your room well.

A disadvantage with this cooling blanket is its hook and tie design. Some users have claimed that the cover doesn’t fasten securely on the weighted blanket.



Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

If you prefer a lightweight cooling blanket, Elegear presents an enticing alternative. You can even wrap your baby or toddler in it safely so they can sleep well through the night (and in effect, not disturb your sleep).

This is made of a Japanese cooling fiber with polyethylene and mica nylon on top and 100% cotton on the other side. This combo works wonders for breathability. It will serve you well for most of the year, from spring to autumn. On summer nights, this will absorb the heat on your body so you can sleep without night sweats.

The 100% cotton fabric feels lovely on the skin. It’s gentle and smooth. Because it’s so lightweight, you can take this with you on flights and road trips. It’s hypoallergenic so you won’t have to worry about triggering sneezes.

To keep these cooling blankets clean, you can machine wash them. Because of their size, they’re easy to store. Perfect for low maintenance cleaning and space-saving.

You can also use the Elegear Cooling Blanket as a throw and couch blanket. You can get it three sizes and five colors. I recommend this to hot sleepers who want a portable blanket for both home and travel use. It will feel like sleeping on the cool side of the pillow anywhere you go.

A disadvantage that comes with the blanket’s lightness and smoothness is that it easily slides off and moves around when you sleep.



DANGTOP Cooling Blankets

This is a simple, comfortable cooling blanket made from high quality bamboo fibers. It’s light so you can easily move around as you sleep. This is the best feature for those who can’t keep still through the night.

The bamboo fabric has a unique weave pattern that allows air to pass through. This lets heat dissipate away from the body while bringing cool air inside the blanket, preventing night sweats.

The cooling blanket has a silk-like softness but unlike silk, it’s easy to care for and long-lasting. You can handwash the blanket to remove dirt and debris. It’s advised to line dry the blanket so it won’t shrink.

If you use an AC and want added comfort, this cooling blanket will suit you well. This is great for balmy summers because it can dispel high levels of heat. It can be layered with a thicker blanket in cool weather.

The cooling blanket comes in two sizes. It will cover one person comfortably. It’s great for pets, traveling, and lounging. Choose from several colors and a plaid pattern.

Some people may find this blanket too fussy to keep clean. For those who don’t want to handwash their sheets or don’t have space to hang dry the blanket, it’s better to look at other cooling blankets.




I’ve scoured the web to find the best cooling blankets that will keep you at the right amount of cozy for transcendent sleep. If you’re constantly waking up from the heat, these blankets will regulate your temperature so you can sleep peacefully through the night.

If you’re looking for the best cooling blanket out of the bunch, it’s hard to go wrong with the Chili ChiliPad water-based electric blanket. This is the best type of technology for warding off heat. Water is exceptionally cooling and lying down on the pad will ease you gently into the perfect slumber.

You can customize the temperature of the blanket if you want more heat or cold. It allows you to choose a different setting for each side of the bed. The blanket is easy to care for as it’s machine washable. It will attach to your bed securely and won’t shift.

While I’m not saying you absolutely need this expensive temperature-regulating blanket in your life, this blanket is best in class at keeping you free from clammy, hot nights. I’d love to see how far this temperature-reduction technology goes in the future.