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By Michael Barnes •  Updated: 06/05/22

Are you worried that your guests will be sleeping on the floor when they come to visit you? I have the same feeling since I don’t have a guest bedroom for them to rest in. I looked for possible options that will not take up most of my living room’s small space. I was getting desperate until I came across a Serta mattress review and it clicked! This was what I was looking for!

Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Mattress

Buying an air mattress may sound like a piece of cake, but when faced with dozens of options, it won’t be that easy to narrow down your selection. It would help if you consider the following factors.

The first thing that you should look for in an air mattress is the support that it provides. Look for one that comes with internal chambers or have more than 30 coils to it to ensure that there are no sagging or lumps forming. Since this is the mattress that you will be lying on, it should have ample support throughout the night.

Air mattresses will deflate eventually, especially if you keep on moving around. However, the deflation rate shouldn’t be too fast to the point that it loses support while you are still sleeping. It would help if you look for a review that talks about air mattresses that do not go flat while you are in bed.

An air mattress will require a pump to inflate it so it is only fair that you choose one that comes with a one-year warranty. Take note that the warranty should also cover the pump in case it malfunctions.

You should also consider the portability of the air mattress that you are going to purchase. Think of where you want to place it or if you want to bring it with you when you go outdoors. You will find plenty of air mattresses that are designed with convenience in mind.

Although the air mattress will come with its own pump, it pays to know what type you will need for the mattress. Keep in mind that there are different kinds of raised mattresses such as good for outdoors or as an alternative to regular mattresses. You should choose the pump accordingly to help you inflate your air mattress the right way and quickly too.

Presenting the Serta Air Mattress

If you have read a Serta air mattress review, you will find that this is a great alternative to traditional mattresses. It is unlike other air mattresses in the sense that it never goes flat. What makes it sturdy is that it has 35 circular coils as well as horizontal and vertical reinforcements to provide you with the support that you need. You can even choose the level of firmness to it as well which opens a realm of possibility for any type of sleeper.



Features and Benefits

The Serta raised air mattress has certainly captured my interest when I first read a review of it. So, I took the liberty of sharing with you the best features of this air bed. Here’s what you need to know about the Serta inflatable mattress.

Social Proof

The Serta raised air mattress is definitely one of the best products that you will find at Amazon com. I wasn’t really surprised given the positive feedback that came with it. If you really want to know the quality of a product, read what customers had to say about it. And these are a few of that customer feedback that I was mentioning about.


Aside from Serta air mattress and its neverflat pump, there are other options that you can consider too that can provide a means for a more comfortable sleep at night. Here are among my top choices for an air bed that delivers support and comfort.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series makes use of ComfortCoil Technology as well as SureGrip for its base to ensure that it will not move around that much when you toss and turn, plus it has enough coils that can support your weight as you lie in bed at night. The Serta only has 35 coils, but this one comes with 40 inner coils for that extra durability. You don’t even have to worry about this mattress deflating in the middle of the night.

It has a 1-click internal pump that guarantees fast inflation so you don’t have to wait half an hour at least before you can use your mattress. This inflatable mattress is ideal for indoor use and because of its quick inflation technology, you only need to wait 4 minutes before it is done. You can pump some air after a few days if you prefer a firm mattress to sleep on. This is a premium double height raised air bed with dimensions of 78″ x 58″ x 19″. It has an extra thickness to it plus a waterproof flocked top as well.



King Koil Queen Air Mattress

King Koil is another alternative to consider for the Serta queen size air mattress. What sets it apart is that it comes with a built-in pillow plus a soft-flocking cover too. You will love that this queen sized inflatable mattress is waterproof and comes with a quilt top that adds to the comfort when lying on it at night. It is a firm mattress which is what you need to keep your spine in the right alignment while the suede top prevents your bedding from slipping off. This promises a good night’s sleep throughout the night.

If you take a look at the built-in pump, you will find that it has separate knobs for inflating as well as deflating the mattress for added convenience. No need to wait for an eternity to get your bed ready which is a huge plus. And since we are talking about how fast inflation, this model can become fully inflated in just 2 minutes which is quite fast given that the previous model reaches its full thickness in just four minutes. Yes, this air mattress inflates quickly, but you can deflate it a bit if you are aiming for a more comfortable sleep.



Englander First Ever Microfiber California King Air Mattress

What other brands should you consider aside from Serta air mattress? Why don’t you try the first-ever microfiber California king air mattress by Englander? Its main feature is its microfiber covering that adds to the overall comfort of the bed. Add to this the fact that it has a soft flocking and what you will get is a comfortable air mattress to rest on. How does it compare to others? It is more resistant to tearing and abrasions, plus it has more tensile strength too compared to others. What’s more, since the outer covering is made from microfiber, you won’t have to worry about sleeping in hot because it wicks away the moisture.

It is 4″ wider than any King sized air mattress in the market. Its welded seams make it stronger and more durable so you don’t have to worry about it flipping over when you move closer to the edges. That said, it is lighter compared to the suede top air mattresses, plus it folds down into a more compact size for easy storage and portability. It inflates faster which is at 90 seconds which is quite impressive given its size. If you are looking for the right kind of comfort and support, then you have found it with this brand.




Serta air mattress definitely has the right combination of comfort and support with its 35 inner coils that are mixed with horizontal and vertical supports that can easily carry your weight. It comes at the right height as well which is at 20 inches which gives you more room to sit and stand from the bed. It inflates quickly which means that you don’t have to wait that long to have your bed ready for you, plus, it deflates easily too after use. With its never flat pump, this bed will last you for a couple of days before it needs to be reinflated. Serta air mattress definitely delivers an air mattress that can support your need for a good night’s sleep.

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