WonderSleep Pillow Review | Best Features & Benefits

By Michael Barnes •  Updated: 06/05/22

Good sleep begins with a good pillow…

I used to be unable to fall into deep, restful sleep because of stress from work. My sleep deprivation made me cranky and unable to focus during the day, resulting in a vicious cycle. I knew I needed something to help me relax and make it easier to fall asleep. A memory foam pillow, like the WonderSleep Pillow, looks like it could’ve been the answer to my dilemma.

Things to consider before buying a memory foam pillow

What is the most comfortable pillow on the market?

As with most things, comfort in a pillow is highly subjective. You need to take your sleeping habits into consideration. A soft, flat pillow is great for those who sleep on their stomach. They may like synthetic or natural fiber pillows. Those who sleep on their side need a firm pillow to support their spine. Latex and foam pillows are good candidates for these sleepers. For those who sleep on their back, a medium-to-firm foam pillow is good. If you like to sleep in a variety of positions, a soft-to-medium pillow is recommended.

Who would benefit the most from memory foam pillows?

A memory foam pillow is a great investment in your health. It promotes restful sleep and supports the body’s natural alignment. Memory foam is actually viscoelastic polyurethane and was originally developed in the 1960s for astronauts who needed something to counter the effects of gravity after takeoff.

Sleeping with a memory foam pillow feels like sleeping on something that adapts to the contours of your head and neck and hugs your back and shoulders. If you experience pain in your neck, back, or head, consider trying a memory foam pillow. Those who need support in the spine and neck will also experience an improvement in their sleep using this. The memory foam is also great if you have allergies and asthma as the foam is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. If you feel like you’re not well-rested enough after waking up even though you’ve had 7 hours or more of sleep, maybe the right pillow can change that.

If you are sensitive to chemical smells, you may find the leftover odors from the production of memory foam off-putting. The smells go away in a day or so but if you have an adept nose, you will always get a whiff of it. Also, if you have allergies to chemicals, be aware that memory foam is made from petroleum-based polyurethane foam. Natural latex pillows are an alternative to memory foam pillow. Children are also prohibited from using adult-size memory foam pillows because they pose a safety hazard.

What qualities do I need to look for in a memory foam pillow?

Before you buy a memory foam pillow, take note of the following:

Introducing WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft

The WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow has shredded memory foam filling that feels like feathers. The density of the pillow can be adjusted to suit your needs. The cover is a premium fabric made of polyester and bamboo-derived viscose rayon. Both the pillow and the cover are machine-washable. With your purchase, you receive two pillows. This product claims to be for all types of sleepers because you can take out foam depending on your preference. This is a good pillow for people who don’t need lots of support when sleeping. If you’re after plushness and comfort, the WonderSleep Pillow will lull you to a restful slumber.

WonderSleep Pillow Premium Adjustable Loft - Set of 2x Queen
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Section 4: Features & Benefits


The shredded memory foam pillow molds to your body and supports it in the right places. If you have an aching lower back, you can prop up a pillow under your knee to soothe it. The neck and shoulders are adequately supported. There’s enough responsiveness when you lay your head on it, a slight springiness.

People who’ve experienced serious sleep deprivation and stress will know how important the support of a comfortable pillow is. The WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Pillow improves sleeping posture, whether you’re a back or side sleeper. I think even front sleepers will like this. However, if you need serious support when sleeping, reach for a traditional memory foam pillow. Because the shredded memory foam is so moldable, you sacrifice a bit of support.

Custom Comfort

If you’ve had bad experiences with shopping online for a pillow only to find out that you’ve bought something in the wrong size or a pillow that’s a touch too firm, you’ll avoid that with the adjustable features of the WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Pillow. You can take or add more feather-light fill to customize the firmness and thickness. You can even fluff up your pillow to distribute the memory foam shreds. The premium foam filling is composed of a blend of mostly memory foam coupled with polyester fiber. This ensures you sleep on a level surface, not the bumpy bits you’ll get from subpar pillows.


The WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow looks like it was designed to last. It’s made of bamboo rayon, polyester, and memory foam fill. Combined, they make for a pillow that retains its structure and downiness.

Cooling and Breathable

An important feature in a pillow is the cover because it’s what comes in contact with your skin when sleeping. The WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillows dressed in a breathable, premium slip that’s hypoallergenic. You can breathe easily throughout the night and your allergies won’t be triggered. It’s dust mite-resistant too.

The cover is dual-layered. A microfiber fabric lining is in the pillow to keep the filling inside while a soft stay-cool bamboo material outside wards off heat.

Because of the high-end quality of the foam, this doesn’t warm up as ordinary memory foam does. It allows air to circulate and stays cool throughout the night. In effect, you won’t have to twist and turn nor flip the pillow looking for a cool spot.

Easy to Maintain

When this pillow gets dirty, it’s easy to maintain its quality. Both the cover and filling of the WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow is machine washable. When it’s time to wash the sheets, you can include the pillow in your cleaning routine as well. If the cover doesn’t match your design aesthetic, you can replace it and the pillow will work fine.


The WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow has great value because it comes with two pillows in the package. The price is surprising for the quality that you get. You often have to cough up more than $100 for an exceptional memory foam pillow. This is the best choice for those on a budget, young professionals, and students.


The WonderSleep pillow comes with a one year warranty in case you encounter any defects. That period is long enough to give peace of mind to most people.


Some people will balk at the fresh-from-the-factory odor that seeps out when you open the product. If you’ve tried memory foam pillows before, you’ll be familiar with it. This is called off-gassing and is very common with this type of material. You can remove the smell by drying it in the sun and airing it out for one or two days so it can expand fully. If the smell doesn’t go away, machine washing is the safest bet. If you’re really sensitive to chemical odors though, you may want to stay away.

Social Proof

To vet the WonderSleep pillow further, I wanted to know what the consensus was on this product online. I checked out some feedback from customers who’ve tried the WonderSleep pillow and they were largely positive. Here are what some happy campers have had to say about the product.


These are some pillows similar to the WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Pillow that you may like if you’re in the market for pillows. I believe you can never have too many.

DreamNorth PREMIUM Gel Pillow

The DreamNorth is made of pure cotton, perfect for natural pillow lovers. They’re breathable and soft like the WonderSleep pillow, just not as moldable as memory foam. The pillow is filled with poly gel fiber so it has good airflow too. This one is also hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant–perfect for those with asthma and other respiratory difficulties.

DreamNorth PREMIUM Gel Pillow Loft - Set of 2x Queen
$27.99 ($14.00 / Count)
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09/21/2023 02:20 pm GMT

This is a pillow made for side and back sleepers. Like the WonderSleep, this one is easy to maintain because it can be machine washed. It comes with a one-year warranty. Best of all, it’s affordable and comes in a standard, king, or queen size.

GOHOME Bed Pillows for Sleeping

This has a similar concept to the WonderSleep Pillow because you can take out the filling to customize your sleep. This one, however, is filled with hypoallergenic microfiber. Supposedly it’s just as fluffy as real down feathers. The pillow is covered with crystal velvet fabric that’s very soft owing to its fleecy short plush.

GOHOME Bed Pillows for Sleeping - Set of 2x Queen
$38.99 ($19.50 / Count)
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09/21/2023 09:45 am GMT

There are 1000 quilted squares on the cover which lends an elegant look. It wouldn’t look out of place in a hotel room. This pillow suits any sleeping position and is free of phthalate, latex, lead & BPA. It also comes in a standard, king, and queen size and is a good budget option.

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow

This pillow has 100% poly gel fiber filling and is covered in pure cotton for optimum comfort. The filling is a type of gel memory foam. This gel has a cooling technology that helps you sleep better. These pillows don’t shift so they’re great if you find the WonderSleep too plush.

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow - Set of 2x Queen
$60.99 ($30.50 / Count)
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09/21/2023 09:30 pm GMT

This is a simple but luxurious pillow that helps you fall asleep and wake up more rested. Like the WonderSleep, this pillow is machine washable. It’s also fade-resistant and stain-resistant, making this a durable option. This also comes with 2 pillows in the pack and a king and queen size. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you have any complaints with the pillow.


Sleep is always a good investment. It contributes so much to wellbeing and happiness. Having the best sleeping environment is a good way to start improving the quality of your sleep.

The WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Pillow is one of the best pillows in the market for all types of sleepers. It’s customizable so you can tailor its shredded memory foam to your desired firmness and thickness. It’s encased in a premium yet eco-friendly fabric that feels soft, further enhancing your sleep. Lastly, you get so much quality for the price and two pillows in the pack. It’s the deal to beat.

Because of these, I highly recommend the WonderSleep Pillow to anyone who wants to invest in their sleep. If you’re interested, click on the link to check out the WonderSleep Pillow.

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