Zeeq Smart Pillow Review

By Lara Tusk •  Updated: 06/05/22

I often wake up in the middle of the night, catching the echoes of my snoring. I have to say that it was quite unpleasant having my sleep interrupted like that. I have stacked my pillows under me already hoping that it will stop this problem, but the pillows kept slipping! I was becoming desperate until I read a Zeeq Smart Pillow review. Could this be what I am looking for?

ZEEQ Smart Pillow
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09/21/2023 04:15 pm GMT

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Pillow

I never really thought about getting a smart pillow to solve my snoring problem, but based on the review on Zeeq Smart Pillow, I am quite tempted to get one already. But as with any product that I wanted to purchase, I had to consider a few factors first.

Presenting the Zeeq Smart Pillow

According to reviews about the Zeeq Smart Pillow, it is the pillow that will help you deal with your snore without interrupting your sleep. It has this snore alarm that gently nudges you to change position through sounds. It can even monitor your sleep quality and the number of times your rest was interrupted. Its Tencel cover helps you sleep cool and comfy which is a plus. Rem Fit has also made it possible for you to adjust the height and thickness of the pillow too which is useful as this pillow can be used by all types of sleepers.



Features and Benefits

What can you expect from Rem Fit smart pillow Zeeq? I am sure you are wondering why this pillow is touted to be an efficient tool in helping you when you snore. Here are the features associated with it.

Snoring Detector

The main feature of this smart pillow is its snore detector where it vibrates or produces gentle sounds enough to make you change your sleep position. What you will love about this feature is that it will not interrupt your sleep, but it does have enough vibration to it that will make you change your current position to ease your snoring.

Zeeq App

The Zeeq App lets you play music and other audio files that will stream wirelessly without waking up your partner. I think that this will help you drift off to sleep since it can act as a white noise that prevents other noise from disturbing your rest. Simply download the app into your smartphone and you’re all set. You can play music or listen to audio recordings to help you fall asleep.

Sleep Tracker

Rem Fit Zeeq pillow is also equipped with a sleep tracker that comes in handy for anyone who wants to stop snoring. Its sleep tracking feature monitors your movement at night and your snore’s decibel too so you will receive a daily report on your sleep. The sleep data can be useful if you want to solve your snoring issues with a professional since they will be able to use the information you have through your smart pillow.

Smart Alarm

Are you tired of being jolted awake in the morning because of the blaring sounds of your alarm clock? Well, I have read that Rem Fit added a Smart Alarm feature into their pillow where you will be gently coaxed to wakefulness to prevent grogginess and irritability. You just choose the time frame when you want to be woken up and the pillow will customize your alarm as it deems fit. I am looking forward to testing this out to see if it will improve my mood in the morning.

Tencel Cover

What other feature should you expect to find in this Zeeq Smart Pillow by Rem Fit? It boasts of a Tencel cover that helps whisk away moisture so you will be able to sleep better and dry too. If you are worried that you will be sleeping hot because of the memory foam padding that it comes with, don’t be. The cover makes the pillow more breathable so that no heat will get trapped from within.

Adjustable Comfort Fill

I learned through a review that the Zeeq pillow is actually an adjustable type of smart pillow. This means that you will be able to add or reduce the fill until you find the right height and thickness to it. Although I am not really a fan of adjustable pillows, perhaps this will work better for those who want to have control over their pillow at night.

These features are the key players in this product. From what I have read, if you want to stop your snoring, then start sleep with this smart pillow under you. You may experience a much better rest since your pillow can signal you that you are snoring while keeping track of the quality of your rest too which is amazing!

Social Proof

Reading reviews has helped me understand Zeeq better because, aside from getting to know the features that it comes with, I could see what other’s experiences are with it too. So far, I have read plenty of positive feedback from its customers such as:


Aside from Zeeq smart pillow, I figured that there should be other options to consider right? These are a few that I thought will work great as alternatives.

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow
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09/21/2023 11:05 am GMT

EPABO’s contouring memory foam pillow is said to provide relief from your snoring woes thanks to its therapeutic design. Thanks to its foam fill, it contours around the shape of your head and neck to give it the support it needs to minimize the constant aches and pains you feel in the morning. The ergonomic design of the pillow helps provide support to your head as well as your neck so your spine will not be misaligned regardless of the sleep position that you prefer.

It comes with a hypoallergenic rayon cover that allows air to circulate from within. This minimizes the effects of the foam since it tends to trap heat because of its material. Additionally, this cover adds that luxurious touch to your pillow which helps you fall asleep faster too.



Casper Sleep Pillow for Sleeping

Casper Sleep Pillow for Sleeping, Standard, White
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02/18/2024 04:00 am GMT

Another option to consider in place of Zeeq Smart is from Casper. Their unique pillow-in-pillow design adds to the overall comfort and support which sounds promising for me. The inner pillows are filled with microfiber fill that doesn’t clump together so you can fluff it all you want without worrying about it losing its form and shape. It sports a 2″ gusset that serves as the backbone of this pillow for that extra support that you may need to keep your head elevated at the right angle to prevent you from snoring at night.

The outer layer has this soft and fluffy texture to it while the inner one is designed to be adaptive. This does help with improving the quality of your sleep since the product itself contours to your body. The outer cover is machine washable which means that it is easier to maintain this pillow. Just remove the outer cover and wash it and that’s it. I like the fact that the cover is made from 100% cotton making it quite breathable too.



Tempur-Pedic Adapt Symphony Pillow

Tempur-Pedic Adapt Symphony Pillow
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02/18/2024 03:45 am GMT

What other pillows can take the place of the Zeeq smart pillow? Try Tempur-Pedic adapt symphony pillow. The first thing that caught my eye about this product is that it sports a dual side memory foam pillow. What this means is that on one side, the pillow is ideal for those who sleep on their backs or on their side while the other side, the flatter one, is perfect for both back and stomach sleepers. This is a unique feature which is why it stood out for me during my search for an alternative to Zeeq.

Another reason why you should get this is that it is designed to help ease the stress on your pressure points when you sleep. This way, you will not have trouble drifting off to dreamland since your pillow is soft and comfortable. It does go back to its original shape come the morning so this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Regardless of what side of the pillow you are using, one thing is for sure is that this one will give your head, neck, and shoulders they need to minimize the pain.




The Zeeq Smart Pillow sounds like a promising product that can help those who are dealing with their incessant snoring at night. It comes with speakers within that will help you listen to soothing sounds at night so you won’t have any difficulty falling asleep. Additionally, it comes with a gentle vibration mode when it detects that your snoring becomes too loud. The gentle nudge from your pillow will make you change your position without making you fully awake to do so.

It comes with a Zeeq app that lets you listen to meditative sounds while the snore alarm is the one responsible for correcting your sleep position. Where else will you find such a product?

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